Software development in the 21st century

Welcome to the era of AI-assisted software development.What can be achieved with it and which productivity enhancements can be expected?Some people say: "ChatGPT and similar inventions are a nice new development tool, like Google or Stack Overflow, but there are many limitations and this is not about orders of magnitude". And besides, "the resulting code is legacy from day one since no one understands it".Others claim that a single person - with the help of ChatGPT - can do the work of five developers.In Lambda Prompt we have conducted several case studies and developed a documented approach for how to develop software with the help of AI. Our experience with real-world applications shows that an improvement in productivity around a factor two to five is possible, while still resulting in code that is production-ready and maintainable onwards.A main point of the approach is how to deal with the pitfalls of the new era and get the most out of this exciting development.Read more about the case studies and approach in our article.

Are you starting a new development project?

If so, we can offer to develop the application probably faster and cheaper than what was previously possible, while resulting in similar or improved quality.What we can offer depends a on the technologies you use. Do you have UI, API and database? For UI we can offer help with React and Next.js. For API we can offer help with Node.js and Java with Spring Boot. For database we support most products.If you have another tech stack, please reach out and we may still be able to help you.Do you need help in another way? We also provide vision, training and hands-on consulting to help your organisation get the most out of AI technologies.

Introducing Lambda Prompt

Lambda Prompt was founded by Mark Hissink Muller and Morten Heine Sørensen, who together represent decades of experience with designing, coding, and delivering mission critical software solutions for enterprise-scale organisations.We have participated in a large number of projects, especially where previous attempts have failed, and delivered software fast under difficult circumstances. Our clients have hired us, because they cannot afford mistakes.In Lambda Prompt we take these competences to the next level by leveraging enhanced productivity based on AI tools like ChatGPT, combined with classical virtues like navigating the intricacies of organisations, understanding the dynamics of projects, and respecting the importance of delivering on time and budget with the expected functionality and quality.Furthermore we provide tools and metrics to confirm that the software delivered is objectively measured to satisfy known best practices in the industry.

Reach out if we can help

If you wish us to undertake a project or otherwise request our consulting services, or perhaps just have an informal talk to discuss the opportunities (no obligations), reach out to Morten ✉️ or Mark ✉️.If you want to know more about the founders, see our LinkedIn profiles.